Istanbul Global

Istanbul Global Pharmaceutical Warehouse was established in 2005 in order to operate in veterinary health products distribution and marketing activities. It is specialized in products for the poultry and fish health and in 2015, completing the 10 years in the industry, has become one of the effective distribution organizations.

In the first years of its establishment, Istanbul Global Pharmaceutical Warehouse serving the industry through the distribution of various domestic and foreign companies, by joining forces with Nerfarma Pharmaceutical established in 2010 began mainly to perform marketing and distribution of poultry and fish medicines produced by Netfarma.

Istanbul Global Pharmaceutical; in addition to medicies, performs importation and distribution in domestic and foreign markets of premixes of Italian Neofarma containing  vitamins, amino acids and minerals; powder and liquid premixes containing  Oregano oil of Ropapharm firm from Netherlands and products of Indian NHF company containing liquid essential oil complex.

Ist. Global completed the necessary investments in 2015, and performs storage, sales and delivery the storage of the products in compliance with Good Distributing Practice regulation in an area of 700 sqm owned by the company.

Istanbul Global Pharmaceutical, with its location and 11 years of experience and negotiated distribution networks, acted on by the seer of duties and responsibilities and always remaining in solidarity in tough times of the sector by supplying all kinds of medicines, feed additives and biocidal products to broilers, layers and aquaculture producers and served and will continue to serve by further raising its service level each year.